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Vethathiri’s Thoughts and Articles

To reach the level of Almighty

The treasure is within you and enjoying it, is Bliss. You are blessed with happiness and you do not lack anything, every hour, every minute and every second that ticks is working for you, in your favour. With this understanding live your life in peace and happiness. Help others around you to attain to the same joy. Contribute your service so that the entire world may come to this state Supreme.

What is Yoga?

A willful expansion of the mind towards the welfare of others, to the volume of the Universe and to the Infinite –Almighty, will gradually reduce the force of mental frequency and result in harmony, satisfaction and peace. Such willful practice, systematized by the man of wisdom is Yoga. Yoga is nothing but a psychic practice linking the mind with or merging the mind with Nature.

Cultural Values:

For permanent World Peace to be achieved, human culture should be developed with three noble spiritual lights: Tolerance, adjustment and sacrifice. Peaceful living, enjoyment of the pleasures of Nature to identify Self with the Supreme Being are the absolute needs of man. In Nature the opportunity to fulfill these needs are provided. Cultural deficiency on account of poverty of knowledge is the only cause for all kinds of miseries in human society.

Conflicts and clashes are the outcome of demands and the only way to outgrow them is for man to train himself to be in the position of a giver instead of being a taker or grabber.

Men of Wisdom!

Life is a mystery to the common man. But it is no mystery to men of wisdom. For them, life is a blissful journey. The common man struggles toward his goal in darkness, ignorant of the value of life. He must be made to understand that if he follows the dictums of men of wisdom, all the benefits of a harmonious life would accrue to him

Positive Path

First of all, man has to know his/her own value. Man has to know who he is. Man has to know all the secrets within himself. We can see the wonders of the universe and wonders of Nature all over the world. But the secrets of the universe are within the mind. When we go in and in to the depth of the mind again and again, we will find one after another, the secrets of the self, the values and potentialities of self. We are able to achieve and utilize such a force so that we can get benefit from it and enjoy all happiness.

Heaven on Earth:

With wisdom and awareness man should keep in mind that he is indebted to society, and has to repay his debt by rendering his services. This is duty with detachment. When all people understand this reality of life and render their services gladly to the society, which has provided them with everything, they are enjoying daily, then there will be heaven on Earth.

Secrets in Heredity

In addition to all qualities of imprints in the chromosomes of parents, relative changes in offspring also are determined by the health, age and psychic moods of both parents at the time of conceiving a child. Also the planetary positions condition a specific magnetic wave at the particular time when the chromosomes join to form a child, and thus proportionately affect the heredity.

How and why is the universe spherical in shape?

The shape of the universe is inevitably a sphere because : 1) the universe is the collective field of millions of masses that have rotating nature; and 2) each mass is a collective association of spinning energy particles; and 3) around each particle, mass and the entire universe the surrounding compressive force of Gravity is exerting its might. Surrounding this spherical universe the eternal pure space exists. That is the unmanifested, almighty part of the universe: the Stock-force State.

Five Steps for Realization:

Our system of education for reformation and prosperity in life comprises five steps. They are:

  • Maintenance of physical health;
  • Streamlining of psychic activities;
  • Maintenance of harmonious relationships with one and all of human society
  • Purifying the Genetic Center and
  • Realization of Truth (Brahma Gnanam
No set limits to our duty:

Survival of man is ensured by two factors: The providence of Nature and the help of society. We must be grateful to Nature and respect her unfailing cause-and-effect system. Indirectly, this is worship of the Almighty. There can be no set limits to our duty to societ

To enjoy peace and happiness:

Without knowing the evolutionary secrets of Nature, and the facts of life, mankind is struggling in the darker side of his personality, with material attachment and intoxication.

In this age the opportunities for self-realisation are plentiful for people of sincerity and deep thought. When the majority of people achieve spiritual development, the world will enjoy peace, prosperity and happiness.

Man is not an independent existence:

Man is not an independent existence to think solely of his own needs or to be egoistic regarding his achievements and status.

If you start research on humanity, you will understand many facts, just think where has man come from? He has not suddenly, full-blow, jumped into the world from somewhere. His body, his spirit and his consciousness have been developed to the present stage by millions of generations, through the hereditary link. In those hereditary imprints all the human experiences of ages are stored and determine this personality.

Desire is proof of living

Some people say that if man renounces his desires, peace will prevail in the world. This is also an imaginary concept. Desire is the proof of living. Natural needs arise for everyone when the life-force is functioning in the physical body; how can one renounce the desire to eat when he feels hunger? The ‘desire less life’ is conditioning of the mind, which came only from reading some book, but is not possible in practical implementation.

Think at the world level

Every individual should realize his responsibility and should follow it in his family. We have to follow the virtuous in our life and make this become a part of our culture. Just hearing is not enough: we should bring it into practice. It should not be like keeping a book on the shelf for show after buying the book. Thinking at the individual level is not enough -- we must think at the world level also.

Capital for Future

In the life of man, Nature teaches required lessons and reveals its secrets in everyday life. Only through practical experience man comes to know the greatness of Nature, and develops his thinking power. So far mankind lived for many ages. Now for modern man all the experiences of mankind worldwide are available. By using our valuable thinking power, let us plan for a better life and reduce the pains and miseries in life. We have to make our experiences of life and thinking power the capital for our future.

Secrets are ingrained

The main difference between inorganic matter and organic is the formation of polarity between the cells and bio-magnetism is regularly charged, certain quantity is kept in stock and conversion of magnetism does all physical and mental routines. In man all these secrets are ingrained and followed from generation to generation through the hereditary link.

Perfection and Peace

When man realizes the greatness of his own Self, he reaches the highest peak of humanity and he is then able to respect the needs and aspiration of others. Such perfection alone will secure and maintain Peace within Self, between individuals and between Nations. All the problems in the life of mankind will be solved only then. Therefore, all deserving human should realize Self in time. This is the absolute need for the World in these days of scientific advancement.

Need for Spiritual Organisation:

Group meditation and conversation to exchange the experiences with one another are a must for the truth seekers. In the first part, one has to join a spiritual association to develop his own wisdom. In the second part, after perfection, one has to continue to be with the association to render his services by teaching the spiritual values to others for the benefit of mankind. Therefore man need spiritual organization throughout his life time.


Sin is a result produced by your activities which leads you to pain, miseries, and problems in life. Wherever your harmony is disturbed between the soul and the body, in between self and others by any deed, there it becomes the sin


By developing a skill, he expands his activities and services from the limitedness of fulfilling his own physical needs by other’s labour and help to the wider state, that of helping the society by producing the articles and facilities. Thus he expands his skill and deed to be useful to mankind.


It is a quality of noble thought, forgiveness and perseverance in achieving the main aim and purpose of life. Instead of struggling over petty things, one has to introspect and understand the purpose of life, proper method to attain that goal and to act in such a way in broad mindedness and awareness. Then the mind is strengthened, actions are disciplined and life is purposeful. That is Magnanimity.