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Spiritual Workshop

A workshop literally means a room or building used for manufacture or repair of goods. Workshop may also refer to, workshop is a room or building which provides both the area and tools required for the manufacture or repair of manufactured goods. Workshops play a vital role in varied fields. Educational workshops, training workshops, etc. In art, a workshop can be another name for a large studio that involves assistants or can be the name given to lessons taught by an artist where skills are shared with students. It may include theoretical as well as practical tips and exercises for learning the art. Besides these, workshops are held for the development of organizations, concepts, products or services. Workshops are meetings in which groups apply methodologies for problem analysis, creative problem solving or decision making in order to cooperatively achieve a result.

Here we have a different stream of workshop. Workshop in the field of spirituality. This is one such rare concept, which we would have hardly heard about. The theme of the spiritual workshop is to help each individual in their journey of Consciousness and elevate them to the most supreme state of self-realization. It is an ultimate mending and molding place where an ordinary human being gradually buds up, blossoms, blooms, and flowers into Divinity and establishes their eternal existence.

Core of the spiritual workshop:

Just as the raw clay getting molded and shaped up into a beautiful clay utensil in the technical hands of a potter, raw, dusty, gloomy gold, and uncut diamond turning into glittery luminous jewellery in the skillful hands of a goldsmith, a very, very ordinary person turns into a heavenly being under the mastery of the spiritual master. It is such a miracle and infact it is the most fascinating one that could happen in the whole universe. A man gradually escalating from his manliness to Godliness.(supreme existence).

This is more similar to the concept of alchemy, capable of turning copper and other base metals to gold. A base human being turning to divinity. If we can observe in all the above cases, the ultimate result seems to be so inspiring. A wonderful clay utensil, golden diamond jewellery, copper to gold, and so on, but the process involved in this conversion is of utmost value that is PURIFICATION. This spiritual workshop proves that the same concept holds good in the case of human beings too.


Purification not just the external purification. The various spiritual techniques adopted and practiced here acts internally within the chemical body and the magnetic body of the aspirant mends him up and turns him into a masterpiece.

  • Monthly intensive residential classes.
  • Deep meditation - long sessions.
  • Yogasana.
  • Pranayama.
  • Breathing techniques.
  • Kayakalpa.
  • Mounam (Silence).
  • Spiritual trip annually.
Prospective projects:
  • Annadhaanam.
  • Village adoption.
  • Medical camps.

The Thamirabarany ashram gave birth to the spiritual workshop in the year 2006. It started with 130 aspirants initially. Currently there are about 400 aspirants in 4 different batches. It is mastered by the Supreme power and with the gracious blessings of Swamiji Vethathiri Mahrishi lead by Senior Professor TKS Subramoniyam. The workshop is held at the ashram every month.

Spiritual tour:

Spiritual tour is organized with a special spiritual theme every year. It enhances the aspirant's inner travel and thus it plays a predominant role in the workshop.

  • In 2008 - Rishikesh, Journey towards perfection
  • In 2009 - Rishikesh, Stay in Self
  • In 2010 - Badrinath, Realize the Reality.